Department of Psychology
Department Information
1. Name of Department :   Psychology
2. Year of establishment : June 1973
3. Teacher Qualification Designation
i) Dr. S. L. Waghmare M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D. Reader & Head
ii) Dr. R. R. Senad M.A., D.Ed., B.Ed., SET, Ph.D., M.S.(Counselling & Psychology) Asst. Professor
4. University distinction / Rank / Awarded and received by faculty during last 5 
i) Dr. Mrs. S. L. Waghmare
5.  • Recognized Research Guide in Psychology by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada
University. Aurangabad.
• Associated with the M. Phil teaching of Y.C.M.O.U. Nashik
  ii) Dr. Rajani Ramesh Senad
6.  National / International paper presentation :
1) Dr. Mrs. S. L. Waghmare (HOD Dept. of Psychology)
National Level - 10.
International Journals - 02
State - 06
Book Published:
"Psychological Study of Working and Non Working Women" by Dr. S. L. Waghmare
2) Dr. R. R. Senad (Asst. Professor)
National Level - 08.
International Journals - 04
State - 04
Book Published:
"Unch Jhoka Ghenyasathi" by Dr. R. R. Senad
"Akar Vikar" by Dr. R. P. Senad & Dr. R. R. Senad
"Pradnya Pravah" by Dr. R. P. Senad & Dr. R. R. Senad
"Tejachi Paule" by Dr. R. P. Senad & Dr. R. R. Senad
i) Participated in the 3rd International Buddhist conference held in May 2006 at Bangkok (Thailand)
ii) Participated in the 6th International Buddhist conference held in May 2009 at Bangkok (Thailand)
iii) Attended state level seminar on Access, Equity and Quality in Higher Education Organized by Devgiri College, Aurangabad on 29th ,30th April 2005.
iv) Participated in the workshop on Psychological statistics held on 13th August 2005 at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Arts and Commerce, Aurangabd.
v) Participated in the workshop on Psychology syllabus 2009 prescribed by Dr.B.A.M.U. A’bad on 5th Oct. 2009.
vi) Participated in the workshop on counseling “Applications and Techniques” organized by Dept. of Psychology and Home science, Dr. (Sow) I.B.P. Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Aurangabad.
vii) Presented a paper on ‘Locus of Control’ and self confidence in the 13th International and 44th National Conference of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, held on 30th ,31st , Jan and 1st Feb. 2009.
viii) Presented a paper on Women empowerment at state level conference on 29th and 30th Nov. 2008, at Devgiri College, College, Aurangabad.
ix) Two paper published in perspectives in Psychological Researches (National Journal) Vol. 29, No.1 and 2 .2006 and Vol 30 No 1 2007.
x) Organized and Actively Participated in a workshop on Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Personality Development held on 14-10-2009 in Dr. (Sow) I.B.P. Mahila Mahavidyalaya Aurangabad.
7. Ongoing Project
1) Dr. Mrs. V.P. Bansod
Submitted a minor research project to the U.G.C. on A comparative study of Achievement motivation and Emotional Intelligence of scheduled caste and Non – scheduled caste college student.
8. No of M. Phil Students
6 Students were awarded M. Phil Degree by Y.C.M.O.U., Nashik, Under the guidance of Dr. Mrs. Bansod.
9. No of Ph.D. Student
5 Student are doing Ph.D. in Psychology under supervision of Dr. Mrs. Bansod.
Dr. Mrs. V.p. Bansod Reader & Head Psychology Department I.B.P. Mahila Mahavidhalaya, Aurangabad
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