Department of Sociology
Department Information
1. Name of Department : - Sociology.
2. Year of establishment : - In the year 1970.
3. Name of Staff: - Dr. Phule S. G.
M.A., Ph.D. Sociology, M.A. Hindi, B.Ed.
  Associat Prof. and H.O.D.
4. University Distinction / Rank of Student : -
1. Miss Shelke Madhuri 10th Rank in Dr. B.A.M.U,
2. Miss Karishma Pathan in Rank in Dr. B.A.M.U,
3. Miss Shilpa Khot in Rank in Dr. B.A.M.U,
5. Publication by Faculty (Book’s) (No. of Publication in last 5 year): -
6. Award & Recognition received by Faculty (In Last 5 Year) : -
Awarded Ph.D. Student 06
7. Faculty who have attended / Paper presented at  National & International level
Seminar (In last 5 Year)
Attended Conference State 01
Attended Conference National 07
Attended Conference International Nil
  National Seminar 01
  Paper publish/e-Journal 01
  Workshops 02
  Paper Presented National 06
  Paper Presented State 01
  Guest Lect. for NSS 01
  Chairman at MA Paper setting 01
  Expert for Ph.D. for Viva S.R.T.U. Nanded 03
  Expert External Examinar 02
8. No. of State / National Level Seminar organized (In last 5 Year): -
a) Organized the one day workshop for the student of Sociology at state level in 2005.
b) Organized the one day workshop for the student of Sociology at state level in 2006.
c) Organized the two day workshop for the student of Sociology at National Level conference in 2007.
9. No. of Ongoing Project’s & its total outlay : -
 Subject of the project: “A Sociological study of social, familiar and economical problems of college level girls student.”

Year of the sanction : 2009 to 2010.
Now this project is ongoing
10. No. of Ph.D. / M. Phil guided : -
Ph.D. Registered 1] Name : Rode Vijay Anadrao
Topic: “Satyshodhak samajachya Adhiweshanatil Adhkshiya Bhashanatil Jhaleya samaj Pariwartanache vichar: Eak samajshastriya Abhayas”.

2] Name : Gorarkar Rajendra Narayan.
Topic: “Prachin Bharatatil Jadwad : Charwak Bhudha Vichar Prandlicha Eak samajshastriya Abhayas”.
M. Phil Awarded
Name : Achare Raja Dhondiba.
Topic : “ Parli Talukyatil Jilhua parishademdhil prathamil shikshak shriyancha samgjil ani Aarthik samsuancha abhyas”.
Year of awarded : 2011-2012.
Yashwantrao Chavan Open University, Nasik.
M Phil Awarded
by CHB Lecturer
Name : Aarti Milind Dhanve.
Subject : “A sociological study of Inter cast Marriage and social change”.
Department of sociology
Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad
Granted Rajiva Gandhi National Fellowship for M Phil Name : Vanmala Dadarao Dongare.
Lecturer of CHB.
Department of sociology. 2011-12.
(Dr. Phuule S.G.) Reader & HOD,Dept. of Sociology.
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