Dr. Sow. Indirabai Bhaskarrao Pathak
Mahila Kala Mahavidyalaya

About Us

Management Committee

The Marathawada Legal & General Education Society is established in the year 1955.

The members of the committee were:

1. Adv. Shri. Hanumantrao Vaishnav President
2. Adv. Shri. Laxmanrao Kulkarni Vice-President
3. Adv. Shri. Ramrao Mahajan Convener
4. Adv. Shri. Tryambakrao Mharolkar Member
5. Adv. Shri. Quazi Sahab Member
6. Adv. Shri. Madhavrao Lalsare Member
7. Adv. Shri. D.L.Pathak Member
8. Adv. Shri. Dattopant Deshpande Member
9. Adv. Shri. Bansilal Ladda Member
10. Adv. Shri. Vitthalrao Joshi Member
11. Adv. Shri. Pandurangrao Ganorkar Member

The first president of the society was Adv. Shri Hanumantrao Vaishnav, Vice President, Adv. Shri. Laxmanrao Kulkarni and Secretary was Tryambakrao Mharolkar

Society decided to establish the college exclusively for women who were deprived of education and belong to socially and economically backward strata of society because the Marathawada region was under the regime of Nizam & was liberated on 17th September 1948. he M.L. & G.E Society started Dr.(Sow) Indirabai Bhaskarrao Pathak Mahila Mahavidyalaya in the year 1970. As our college being located in backward area, we are entitled and solicit the grants for development of the institution. It is due to the old culture girls were not allowed to go to school. There had been impact of same culture on Hindu families,which resulted in very poor percentage of women’s education. A very few girls belonging to rich and noble families were benefited with education.

Due to cultural and ethnic complexities of the region, separate college for women had been the persisting need of the time. The major aim of the college had been to increase the overall percentage of women’s education and to help the empowerment of the women in the region. This is the 1st college in Marathwada region which facilities higher education for women.

M.L.and G.E.Society’s Tapadia Natya Mandir, Auditorum and Tapadia Sports Complex are the pride of the society

The present Governing Council of the M.L. & G.E. Society comprises of eminent persons and experts in the field of law and judiciary.

Members of the Governing Council are :

1. Adv. Shri J. K. Wasadikar President
2. Adv. Shri Umakant Patil Vice-President
3. Adv. Dr. Kalplata S. Patil-Bhraswadkar Secretary
4. Adv. Shri S. D. Kulkarni Joint Secretary
5. Hon’ble Justice Shri A. B. Naik Member
6. Adv. Shri J. V. Savant Member
7. Adv. Shri R. D. Deshpande Member
8. Adv. Shri Rajendra Deshmukh Member
9. Adv. Shri S.V. Adwant Member
10. Adv. Shri V. J. Dixit Member
11. Shri K. L. Narayana Member
12. Adv. Shri C. R. Deshpande Member
13. Adv. Shri N. D. Deshpande Member
14. Dr. Ravindra D. Joshi Member
15. Shri D. S. Kulkarni Member
16. Dr. S. Shirsath Ex. Offi. Member
(Principal I/c, M.P. Law College)
17. Dr. Vasudha V. Purohit Ex. Offi. Member
(Principal Dr. Sow. I.B.P.
Mahila Kala, Mahavidyalaya)