Dr. Sow. Indirabai Bhaskarrao Pathak
Mahila Kala Mahavidyalaya

Department of Home science

Department of Home science

Home science is concerned with almost all fields of education, which promotes women empowerment and helps to upgrade the individual and family life in all aspects.

The Home science subject was introduced in 1974 as an optional subject and postgraduate course was introduced in 1992. The syllabus structure of this subject helps in overall development of the students and to motivate them for entrepreneurship. The laboratories are well equipped with modern gadgets such as microwave oven, single deck gas cum electrical oven, electrical sewing machines, Pico fall machine etc. There are individual laboratories for cookery, bakery and confectionary, nutrition and dietetic, textiles and clothing. The students are motivated to make the utmost use of these laboratories.

The need for self-employment is in increasing demand in today’s competitive world . To inculcate the entrepreneurship amongst the students, earn and learn scheme is being introduced in the department. The students prepare different food products like dry chutneys, masalas , cakes and biscuits and learn the techniques of marketing. Project work is a part of curriculum at both UG and PG department level which includes practical knowledge and information in various fields such as textiles and clothing, flower arrangement , planning of dietary pattern and its modification and interior decoration.

In order to develop the sense of social responsibilities among the teachers and students, various extension activities are being carried out which includes celebration of nutrition week in College, visits to the Institutes of differently abled children, mental health clinics, old age homes and have interaction with them regarding their problems and suggest them remedies.

The department plays vital role in the overall progress of the students by empowering them through various programmes such as organising workshops on different fields like entrepreneurship development, flower arrangement, different techniques of floor decoration, short term course in Bakery and confectionery etc. and motivate them to use their talents in different field for financial gain.